Strawberry IsaLean Shake Plant-Based

A fan favorite has finally arrived to the plant-based IsaLean® Shake family! This berry delicious flavor joins Vanilla Chai and Rich Chocolate to create the perfect Neapolitan lineup. So, make room in your cabinet because strawberry season is in.        

  • Clean and wholesome ingredients.
  • A plant-based balance of fueling carbs, good fats, and quality protein in a 250-calorie meal pack.
  • High-quality pea and brown rice protein deliver a complete amino acid profile.
  • Suitable for both dairy sensitivities and vegetarian diets.

Plant-Based Strawberry IsaLean Shake?!
No Whey!

It’s true! No whey and dairy-free, plant-based IsaLean Shake just got a new permanent flavor that’s berry popular! Welcome Strawberry to our plant-based IsaLean Shake family! Our IsaLean Shakes are the original superfood meal that helps you live your best life. Now, Strawberry makes that life a little sweeter.

Transform your meal replacement with essential nutrients and high-quality protein straight from the earth. Containing no animal-sourced ingredients, such as milk and honey. This shake is suitable for vegans and filled with the building blocks of a healthy meal so that you feel great and work toward your weight loss goals.

What’s In Your Shake?

Our plant-based shakes infuse a variety of superfoods and clean ingredients to create the best experience a meal replacement can offer.

Plant-based nutrition

Pea protein and whole-grain brown rice protein are plant-based and 100% dairy-free.

Complete protein source

Get all the essential amino acids your body needs in this plant-based shake.

Achieve weight loss and lean muscle maintenance

At 250 calories per serving, this high-protein, balanced nutritional profile keeps you feeling full longer without depriving your body of much-needed nutrition.

Get your Plant-Based Strawberry IsaLean Shake today!

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